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The Leader of Global Oil & Gas Comprehensive Solutions

With the mission of "more efficient in oil & gas extraction", KERUI is dedicated to provide global customers with a cost-effective oil and gas field development solutions and integrated engineering technical services.

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    Project operated worldwide, highlight KERUI's strength

    KERUI Oilfield Service Group has extensive experience in construction work in Changqing, Xinjiang, Guizhou and other regions in China, and many countries abroad like Indonesia, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Iraq, Kazakhstan, and Algeria etc.

    • KERUI provide nitrogen service in Clolmbia. The physical property of this reservoir which belongs to tight sandstone reservoir is poor, with low porosity and permeability.KERUI formed a set of effective nitrogen &nitrogen foam service system, Significant effect to increase production

      kerui In Peru

    • KERUI provide comprehensive workover service in Kazakhstan. From 2006 to 2012, we provided over 300 layers and times of oil (gas) well exploration and oil testing operation as well as over 60 layers of midway and well completion testing service for the customers in total.

      kerui In Kazakhstan

    • KERUI provide drilling, cementing, workover and nitrogen service in Columbia. The general contracting project launched at the end of 2009 and was carried out in strict accordance with QHSE standards. This project helps us enter the Latin-America drilling service market, and getting us abundant experiences in international drilling service.

      kerui In Colombia

    • KERUI is the first Chinese private oil service company which entered the Argentina's oil market. We provide workover service and rig rental service in Argentina.Based on the advanced management system, professional technical team and reliable operating equipment, KERUI improved the operation efficiency greatly, which reduced the production costs for our customers and gain us very good social effect.

      kerui In Argentina

    • KERUI provide workover service for national oil companies of Algeria. Since the project was launched at the end of 2014, more than 10 prolific wells were completed. With a daily increment of 800 bbl crude oil per well, good stimulation effect was acquired.

      kerui In Algeria

    • KERUI provide CT acidification - nitrogen flowback integrated stimulation service in Iraq. So far, more than 10 wells have been completed. Because of excellent stimulation effects, the customer reevaluates the reserve of crude oil in the block.

      kerui In Iraq

    • KERUI developed series of oilfield service projects in most oilfields of China, including the integrated drilling service project in Changqing Oilfield, the workover project in Xinjiang Tuha Oilfield, the nitrogen service project in Xinjiang Tahe Oilfield, the fracturing service project for CBM well in Guizhou and the coiled tubing service in Fuling Chongqing,etc.

      kerui In China

    • K2 integrated drilling project is the first general contracting service project in oil and gas market onshore in Indonesia. The project is in a new exploration block in East Indonesia.Based on the advanced technology and high efficient project management, KERUI completes all the tasks safely, rapidly and efficiently. KERUI also gains recognition and praise for the excellent work.

      kerui In Indonesia

    • KERUI provide fracturing service in Kyrgyzstan. In March 2015, we completed the first fracturing operation successfully. Excellent postfrac effects have been observed. Up to now, tens of wells have been fractured.

      kerui In Kyrgyzstan